Hey, I’m Ollie and I like to skate.

Technically, I’ve being doing it since the last millennium, back then when my dad, a hobbyist skater, grabbed me and put me on my first board at the age of 4. I immediately fell on my head, got my first stitches and this rad little scar on my forehead as a reminder. It goes without saying that little Ollie did not appreciate the sport at all. Fast forward ten years - I haven’t stepped foot on a skateboard since my first encounter. My parents had divorced and I was just reconnecting with my dad. That’s when my love for skateboarding flared up. Ever since then, I’ve been skating like a mad man, getting better day by day.

The end.

I need Facts. Who are you?

Name: Ollie ‘Ghost’ Ryder

Hometown: Graz, Austria

Birthday: November 1st, 1995

Who do you look up to the most?

People who make the impossible happen. I’m very inspired by that.

What’s your daily routine?

Get up, check my messages and social media, go for a quick run with the dog, shower, have a banana smoothie, work on commission based stuff, have lunch, then walk the dog to the nearest skate park, meet friends and skate until dawn, have a bite for dinner and maybe a drink or two, stay up way too late watching stupid youtube videos, pass out on the couch, wake up being confused as hell, have a snack, go to sleep and dream of white rabbits.

What’s your current set up?

Baker 8.25 deck, Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium, Shake Junt grip, 53mm OJ wheels

Favorite skater?

I don’t really have one particular favorite skater, but Peggy Oki’s story inspired me. I also remember Elissa Steamer as being the only girl in a game full of boys back in the good old Tony Hawk Pro Skater times.

What kind of animal would you be?

Sloth. No, Octopus. No wait. Sloth.

What’s a trick you can’t do?

I broke my arm trying to do a 360 gazelle.

Words to live by?

It’s never too late to get your shit together.